Don’t Forget Poor In Happiness of Eid: Jawad Ahmed

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2015)

Karachi: The most famous pop and folk Pakistani singer jawad ahmed said that we should not forget poor and needy poeple in happiness of our eid and we should take care about them so they can also enjoy their eid.Don't Forget Poor In Happiness of Eid Jawad Ahmed

He said that in talking with express news and he also said about the people of karachi that they love music and they always appreciate the real music. Our music give a message of peace and love.

As tomorrow we will celebrate the eid with our family members and relatives so we should also think about the families which are needy and poor.

Still we have time to help them so they can also enjoy the happiness of eid as we will enjoy. So, I want to request all of you that kindly go and look near your house if there is any poor or needy then kindly help him.

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