Don’t Buy DailyMotion Views For Your Song’s Video

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2016)

After YouTube there is a 2nd largest video sharing platform and that is DailyMotion. Many artists are using dailymotion for sharing their videos with people but there are some blacksnakes which are doing two number things on dailymotion. After reading this article you will get to know why we are forbidding you to buy dailymotion views.

Don't Buy DailyMotion Views For Your Song's Video

Why You Should Not Go For DailyMotion Views:

You may have observed it on dailymotion or not that now a days many videos songs are in trending videos of dailymotion but you don’t know the dark secret behind those trending videos.

Actually there are some channels on DailyMotion which are using some bots for increasing views on their video and by using those bots they get more than 4 lac views in a single day which is impossible. Let me give you an example of that: in previous days Bohemia released Mere Baare Song which got nearly one lac views on YouTube in maximum three days while  the same song got more than three or four lac views on DailyMotion. Is it possible? Nay it would never ever be possible.

Its mean they are not real views but they are using bots for getting Trending Spots on dailymotion. If none of single view is original then why should you waste your money for that?

Final Words:

So, if anyone ask you for money and say that he will take your video in trending spots or on homepage of dailymotion then don’t deal with him because he will receive real money from you but will not provide you real views. So be aware of this type of scams and don’t buy fake views of dailymotion and don’t waste your money.


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