The Dirty Bronze EP is Out Now

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)

Dirty Bronze is a trio consisting of Jamar Pernell (formerly Yung Plus Anutha) Yung Plus Anutha (rapper), Trizzy Track (DJ/Producer), and Will Wundah Ghost$pace (DJ/Producer/Drums).

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The Dirty Bronze EP is Out Now

The trio combines simple and emotive melodies, laden with sample based production and intricate drum patterns. Dirty Bronze takes production techniques to different dimensions and will continue to push the boundaries hip hop. With their debut release, the “The Dirty Bronze Tape” EP, they are poised to make much larger waves in the coming months: Dirty Bronze is coming..

Dirty Bronze EP Tracks List:

1. The Dirty Intro
2. No Tiki
3. Yellow Tape
4. Tom Toella (Interlude)
5. The Duh
6. The Budget
7. Triple Double Russell
8. Don’t Stop Runnin’ feat. Brandon Bravo
9. Game 6/ No Way

Listen Dirty Bronze EP in Below Player:

If you want to download then please click here.