DhoomBros Created an Informative Short Film in Ramadan

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2015)

DhoomBros-Created-Informative-Short-Film-In-RamadanI have seen many short movies on social media but the topics of all were same. Everyone is creating funny videos regarding Sahri Time, Iftar Time and so on but yesterday I scrolling my facebook account where I saw a post of Sherry. Once I thought in my mind; “Yaar Boht Time Ho Gya In Logo Ki Funny Video Nai Dekhi”. I was very excited at that time so, I just clicked on the video and start watching their short film.  And the video was about an Islamic topic that is “Islam is Divided“, Here I am going to describe the story;

Video took start and few Sunni Friends  were talking to eachother and at the same time a Shia Boy passed from there and conveyed them “Salam” and none of them replied to him but one of them said; “Walaikumaslam”. Then his other friends scold him that why did he reply to him? then he said “Yar Muslman Hai Wo Salam Ka Jawab Hum Pe Farz Hai”, then his other friend made rude faces toward him and said; “Ye Log Kafir Hain, Inki To Namaz Hi Alag Hai Hum Logo Se” In short they just hate the Shia People and they left out and went to their homes.

Islam is Divided

That Shia boy helped a person and return the money to the person who forgot his money on a shop and then the brand new car of same boy who was saying bad about shia got a serious failure about which he didn’t know that how it will be solved then the shia boy helped him and at the end Shia boy said to sunni; “Ap Humain Bura Kehte Ho Aur Hum Ap Ko Agar Aisa Hai To Phr Jannat Mein Kon Jayega Shia Ya Sunni

Information About Short Film

Hussain Asif


Atif Khan

Waqas Riaz

Video by: DhoomBros

Berief Post by: MuzEnt

So, here is the official video of “Islam is Divided” by dhoom bros, Kindly watch it till end of the video and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family to inspire them 🙂 Stay Blessed & Peace

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