Delhi’s Finest Crew Seedhe Maut Smashed It With ‘2 Ka Pahada’

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2017)

Delhi’s finest rappers Encore Abj and Calm or you can say Seedhe Maut dropped their game changer mixtape ‘2 Ka Pahada‘.

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2 Ka Pahada is a mix of deep lyricism & hardcore punches. When we spoke to Encore ABJ, He Said. “Some of the tracks in the mixtape like royalty were made one & a half year back but we never got the chance to release them due to one or the other reason. So in order to release all these unreleased tracks, we decided to make a mixtape out of it and release them all at once. It was actually sez’s idea haha”

Delhi's Finest Crew Seedhe Maut Smashed It With '2 Ka Pahada'

On the other side 4 beats from the tape containing Seedhe Maut Anthem, Classsikh Maut, Stay Calm, Keh Chuka (Part 1) are produced by Sez .The beat of royalty is a collaborative beat from Stunnah and Sez. And the beats of Kashmakush and Hanging On are produced by Taylor King. Seedhe Maut Anthem, Classsikh Maut and stay calm are mixed by sez The rest of the tracks are mixed by Yungsta.

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On ‘Classikh Maut’ you’ll also find Prabh Deep one of the finest emcee of Delhi spitting hard & killing it in his own style

Seedhe maut heated up the desi underground scene with this Mixtape now we assure that this crew will be the best crew in upcoming years
The hottest duo of Delhi is a mix of Hindi & English while encore killing it in Hindi & calm keeps it hundred in English.

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