Deathfolk Magic is full of Magical Tracks

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Today I am reviewing another music album Deathfolk Magic by Bye Bye Banshee. But before sharing the review I would like to share the other information of the album with my loyal readers. So, here we go;

Deathfolk Magic is full of Magical Tracks

Deathfolk Magic Album Info

As I have already mentioned above the title of the album that is Deathfolk Magic by none other than Bye Bye Banshee and now here we are sharing the tracks list of this album.

  1. If I Die in My Dreams
  2. Bye Bye Banshee
  3. Psychopomps
  4. Skull Rattles

Deathfolk Magic Album Review

Now let’s move toward the review, Now you might be thinking that which type of album is this because it has only four songs. But guys these four songs are much better than those so called albums having 14 tracks or more.

If You’re feeling down or something is not going good in your life then I will highly suggest you to listen this album for once and I am pretty sure this album will heal you. Because every single track of the album is full of goosebumps, whether it’s If I Die in My Dreams or Skull Rattles or other track it will boost you up.

Whether it’s music, lyrics or composition everything of the album is just wow.

Final Words

I have no enough words to describe my feelings toward this album, it’s simply superb as an interesting long story.