Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon rejects Jami’s Rape Accusation

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2019)

In October, award winning Pakistani filmmaker Jamshed Mehmood known as Jami had accused a media tycoon of raping him, 13 years ago. Jami had taken to Twitter to talk about his ordeal but he didn’t name the accused at that time.

Now, after almost two months, Jami has unveiled the name of his rapist. Jami wrote, “Yes HAMEED HAROON Raped me. I’m ready now. Are you ready to print this @dawn_com.”

Following Jami’s accusation on December 28, Twitter was abuzz with media personalities, activists and general audience asking Dawn and its CEO for an answer.

Hameed Haroon finally issued a statement today, categorically dismissing the rape accusations while also adding that he will initiate legal action to clear his name.

“The story is simply untrue and intentionally fabricated at the instance of those who wish to silence me and through me, to compel the newspaper that I represent to support their repressive narrative,” said Haroon.

“I am initiating legal action to clear my name and reputation, and to safeguard the freedom of the press by bringing to justice all those responsible for these false and malicious allegations against me,” Haroon added.

Jami is a prominent name in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He directed the film O21 in 2014 as well as Moor which became Pakistan’s submission for the 2015 Oscars. Haroon is a well-known figure in the media fraternity and has been active in cultural preservation and conservation in Pakistan through his involvement in numerous trusts and organisations.