Danjul Drops A Peppy New Track Called ‘Lollipop Girl’

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2019)

An unconvential artist , Danjul is known to have released songs like Chapter of Love and Dance To The Moon to name a few which we personally love so with him back again with his latest work called Lollipop Girl we made it a point to hear the track ASAP!

Starting on a positive note , we loved how catchy the tune is as instantly it gets you tapping your feet and puts you on a happy zone where throughout you are enjoying the blend of different instruments which together make the track worth listening for sure .

Sung by Danjul himself and produced by Mitch Maanao as well as him , the lyrics we have to admit at times were a bit difficult to understand but because the feel of the track is so upbeat that we ended up enjoying the music a lot more than the lyrics so hopefully the next time Danjul drops a new single more emphasis will be put on singing the lyrics a bit more clearly .

So overall a great effort by Danjul , his voice is quite melodious and we hope to hear another track from him soon but for the time being Lollipop Girl is on a constant rewind with us as it is the perfect track to dance your heart out this weekend ! You can listen and buy this track by click here.