My Dad Helped Me A Lot in Music Industry: Rose Mary

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

You might have read interview of many singers like Mehak Ali, Malaika Faisal, TazZz, and Sugarzz etc but today I am going to share the exclusive interview with Rose Mary who made us proud when she particiated in Chotey Ustaad. So, here we go

Rose Mary Interview

Read Rose Mary Interview:

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Q1: Welcome To
Ans: Thank You! it’s a huge pleasure for me.
Q2: How are you? and what’s doing in music now a days?
Ans: Absolutely fine! Working on some new music and I am also making some cover songs along with doing concerts  & live performance.
Q3: Tell us your journey of Chotey Ustaad?
Ans: My journey of chotte ustaad was too good ! i got t learn many things about music !
Q4: How much struggle you have to face in music industry or still facing?
Ans: yup i think whatever your field is ,you gotta pay attention to it and had to do a lot struggle sacrifice many things !
Q5: What was your feeling when you released your debut song?
Ans:i think i felt really proud of myself being enable to release my first ever debut cover song
Q6: Who helped you in music industry?
Ans: my daddy helped me a lot in this industry ! and many other inspiring people !
Q7: What are your future plans for music?
Ans: Well in future something big is coming in the scene including cover songs.
Q8: What message you want to give to new artists?
Ans: Stick with your passion and don’t give up in any condition.
Q9: Anything you want to say for your fans?
Ans: Yes! Keep loving and supporting me today I am standing there because of my fans.