Crazy by ‘By Small Ruin’ (Song Review)

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2020)

Today we’re are back again with an other review of a latest track called Crazy by very talented band ‘By Small Ruin’. So, let’s go

Crazy by 'By Small Ruin' (Song Review)

Crazy Song Credits

Before reviewing the song, here we’re posting the credits of the song.

Name of Band: By Small Ruin
Song Title : Crazy

This song is about a musician friend I have that claimed he would never settle down. He was so adamant about this fact that we used to tease him about it. Turns out, of everyone in our social circle, he ended up falling the hardest when he met the right girl.

Crazy Song Review

Now, finally here I am sharing the review of this song. Let me tell you guys that I like this song personally and it’s driving me crazy. When for the first time I played the tracked, I said ohhh another song but when I replayed the track, it really drove me crazy.

Here, I am sharing the song Crazy by By Small Ruin for all of you, so You can also enjoy this crazy track. You can also stream it on spotify by clicking here.