Cosmic Brownie by Moonlee

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

Today we are going to share a latest track called Cosmic Brownie by Moonlee with all of you. I hope You will love this song.

Cosmic Brownie by Moonlee

Cosmic Brownie Song Info

Inspiration is found not only from the artists that have influenced my sound, but from the vastness of the universe. My name itself is a reclamation of something dark and personal that I have translated to something vibrant and symbolic of my desire to attain versatility of the moon.

Life and it’s lessons are composed of phases, light and dark cycling, things we cannot always make sense of for ourselves. My sound is an inquisitive exploration of that unknown. A constant effort to understand something while simultaneously accepting that there are somethings that will always be a mystery- I strive to find the serenity in letting go of that.

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