We Had This Chunk of Crowd That Specially Came for Rap: Xpolymer Dar (Exclusive Interview About FACE Music Mela)

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

Recently, the biggest music festival FACE Music Mela 2017 happened in Islamabad where different mainstreams and underground artists performed. The most famous HipHop crew of Islamabad the ‘Rap Engineers’ were also there and gave their best ever performance in music mela. We caught Muhammad Dar aka Xpolymer Dar and had an exclusive interview about Face Music Mela.

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We Had This Chunk of Crowd That Specially Came for Rap: Xpolymer Dar

Read Exclusive Interview of Xpolymer Dar:

Q1: What was you feelings while performing live in this Music Mela?
Ans: It was just wow, we had Call, Uzair Jaswal, Attah Ullah, Mai Dhai, with us in lineup. One thing more a chunk of crowd specially came there for Rap and this thing was motivational for us. We gave our best in the show.
Q2: How many tracks you guys have performed there?
Ans: We did three tracks including Kaun Hai Tera (Panama Dedication), Baatein, Rangeela (Unreleased). We had to perform more but due to rain and time issues we only performed three songs.
Q3: Did you meet with any other artist from lineup?
Ans: Yes, after performing live we went to all artists and met them. Attaullah hugged me and said “Boht Jaan Lgate Ho”. It’s hard to believe how much a few people beileve in you, One of them almost cried.

So, in this article we have shared the exclusive interview with Dar, and I hope you guys will like this interview. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Interview by: Mudassar Qureshi