Chit Chat With ‘Malaika Faisal’ [Exclusive Interview]

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2015)

Chit Chat With 'Malaika Faisal' [Exclusive Interview]

Recently Mailaika Faisal was in Rawalpindi and she did a concert there in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium so, we catch her for getting her latest interview for loyal fans of Makaika Faisal. So here we are going to share the Latest Interview of Malika Fasial on but before going deep you should also read Exclusive Interview on Sofia Kaif.

Q1: First of all i want to say welcome to you on muzent.

Ans: Thank You! for your welcome.

Q2: how are you doing now a days?

Ans: Umm Now a days I am doing too good.

Q3: let us tell something about your background like your education etc?

Ans: Well im BBA and I was born in a music family im a daughter of Ustaad Manzur Hussain Khan late

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Q4: when did you come to field of music?

Ans: Before 4 years I start singing and start from PNCA Islamabad

 Then shifted Lahore and join jang group as singer the team of Salim Kamran, he support me a lot and signed me for 50 shows of Punjab collages .

Q5: Have you released any song?

Ans: My album is complete and 4 videos are shoot in editing now my first official video song will release in December 2015 and date is 15th

Q6: Do you have any plan for your upcoming songs or projects?

Ans: Well i already share my future plan of songs and album .

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Q7: Recently you did a concert in rawalpindi how was that?

Ans: First of all Rawalpindi is my birth place thats why I really enjoyed in Rawalpindi with audience they are lovely audience and support me a lot.

Q8: What do you want to say to your fans?

Ans: I need support of my fans in whole my life i am nothing without my fans that’s why keep following my posts and give your love and ideas in like and comments and bundle of thanks

Q9: Any message for new artists?

For new singers if you guys cant have money for invest on your songs and video please choose other field because in Pakistan only money can make you singer.

Conclusion: So, it was the exclusive interview of Mailaika Faisal in which you got to know many things about her. As she is new artists and planning to release her debut song in this year so kindly do support her and join Malaika Faisal on Facebook. And if you think this interview is worthy then give it a share 🙂

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