Chal Mere Naal Is Blasting In The Cars [Review]

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2015)

In previous post we have share the Review of Mat Ja Song and we also shared a latest song Chal Mere Naal by Immi. While in this post we are going to share the review of Chal Mere Naal song which is sung by immi while its produced by TaZzZ Music.Immi-Chal-Mere-Naal-Official-Music-Video-Out-Now-300x300

Song Details:

Song: Chal Mere Naal
Singer: Immi
Music & Production: TaZzZ Music


Chal Mere Naal Song Review:

When the very firsr time I heared the song I thought it would be another english song which I will never ever understand but when I reached to the punch line of the song “Tu Hi Ban Meri Jaan, Nakhre Na Kar Tu Chal Mere Naal”, then I said to my self that “Zaib its something different from all other english songs”. So, That’s why it is the reason for which I am going to writing the review of Chal Mere Naal Songs.

Music of Chal Mere Naal Song:

The first thing of the song about which I want to talk is the music of chal mere naal song. The music for the song is produced by Tanveer Ullah aka TaZzZ. The music is just mind blowing. There is something in the music of chal mere naal which will make you to listen this song again and again.

Lyrics of the Song:

The lyrics of Chal Mere Naal are written by TaZzZ and Immi him self. They are superb and they are in a great flow. Specially the punchline of the song “Tu Hi Ban Meri Jaan, Nakhre Na Kar Tu Chal Mere Naal” is very awesome and I think it is the only thing for which I played the song again and again.

Immi-Chal-Mere-Naal-Official-Music-Video-Out-Now-300x300Video of Chal Mere Naal Song Review:

Now if talk about the video then I must say that the song is completely matched with the video, Besides this the direction and presentation of the video was simply awesome. If anyone will ask from me about the rating of Chal Mere Naal Song then I will give 80 points to the video.


So, it was an article about the Chal Mere Naal Song Review, in which I talked about the everything of the song like voice, music, and video. And I hope you will also find this song amazing after watching the video.

Watch The Official Video of Chal Mere Naal

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