Celebrities Raising concern on the current situation of rain in Karachi

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2020)

The current situation of rain in Karachi is very bad, it’s not just causing widespread flooding in the city but has also broken the 90 years old record.

During this torrential rain, more than 20 people lost their lives while residents have been forced to leave their homes.

Many Pakistani celebrities took it to twitter and raised their concerns on the current situation of rain in Karachi.

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Celebrities Raising concern on the current situation of rain in Karachi

Actress Ayesha Omar tweeted. “Ya Allah please protect and save Sindh and #Karachi from more devastation the rain might bring us. Can’t expect anything for the authorities. We need to come forward and help each other in any and every way. #KarachiRain”.

Actor Ali Rehman tweeted, “Karachi goes through the same bittersweet predicament every time it rains, every single year for as long as I can remember. How does the largest city in Pakistan have the worst planning & development in the country? We all know the answer, we just wish for it to change.”

Taking to Twitter, cricketer Shahid Afridi wrote: “We also saw this city being destroyed like this in our childhood and it is a shame that now our children are also witnessing its destruction! Regardless of political affiliations, the country’s largest and most revenue-generating city has proved to be the administration’s biggest failure.”

Anoushay Ashraf posted a long heart touching post on her Instagram about rain in Karachi. She wrote; “

It’s difficult penning down how I feel right now. My Karachi, my love, my home, my heart is drowning and there is nothing I can do. Nothing.

  • Karachi was never a pretty city. It didn’t ever have greenery, lovely clean skies, or nice pristine roads. But it has life, generosity, and the biggest heart. It welcomes people from all faiths, classes, and ethnicities. It’s ‘spirit’ is what makes Karachi the best. But today, I see that spirit breaking a bit.
  • How long will you call us resilient and generous? It’s exhausting. For someone who pays her taxes, works hard, and wants the best for Pakistan, the lack of infrastructure and basic amenities for some of the most hard-working people in this time of crisis is heart-wrenching. As citizens of this city, we must demand a change. This is the time to be one in our voice as Karachiites irrespective of our ethnicity, faith, or background. Every Karachiite should demand change. It’s now or never.
  • Everyone in ‘power’ must know we don’t need their corruption and incompetence any longer. We don’t need explanations on how tough the world has been to you. We need results. You’re here to do a job and if you cannot manage, move aside. The condition is sindh is deplorable, unfortunately.
  • And to Karachi, I’ll love you till the end of time. Next time someone says ‘lekin khi bohat ganda (etc)Hai’ I’ll willingly kick them in the shins for not knowing how you survive every day. You’re my ultimate hero.
  • Your biggest fan. #karachi #karachirain #ppp #sindh #pti #pakistan

Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram tweeted a clip of the streets flooded with water. Alongside the clip she wrote, “Electrocution, drowning, irreversible damage to property, poisoning, cross-contamination, hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid, risk of the polio outbreak, not to mention the diseases associated with mosquito infestation like dengue and malaria! How is Karachi not in a state of emergency?”