Call’s Pakistan Zindabad Anthem has been Selected for Asia Cup

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2018)

Pakistan cricket team is all set to participate in Asia Cup 2018, and this time entire nation is super excited because our team has not let us down since its big chapion’s trophy win.

Call's Pakistan Zindabad Anthem has been Selected for Asia Cup

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Another exciting news is that Call’s Pakistan Zindabad anthem which was released on 23rd march has been officially selected for Asia Cup 2018 as an official anthem of Pakistan cricket team.

The same song that stirred our souls and awakened passion, has now been selected as the official anthem for team Pakistan. Junaid Khan, the lead vocalist of Call the band, and also an accomplished actor, let us in on his thoughts for their dear song to have been selected by PCB.

“The song was very dear to us. In fact, Pakistan Zindabad was the voice of our heart. It reflected the passion we have as Pakistanis and the love and respect we have for our country. Pakistan Zindabad was written and performed from the heart and perhaps this is what clicked with the PCB as well and that’s why they opted for it to be the anthem of the upcoming Asia Cup. The expressions, the feelings, the passion that we brought out in the song, is reflected in the same way amongst the teaser where are team becomes ferocious and ready to take on their opponents,” shared Junaid.

Adding further, Khan mentioned how they were positive that not only cricket but Pakistan Zindabad also would take the passion and love for the game to newer heights and will make the world see how Pakistanis are when it comes to their homeland and playing for its pride.

Source: This article was originally published on HipInPakistan