(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

I’m Broot, a producer/artist from Haverhill, MA (978) and I like to actually rap. Not a lot of people rap about their pain and life experiences, I’d like to bring that back in to the culture.

I’m very passionate about my work, I produce and mix all of my own beats and lyrics, and I’m here to stay. Being on Spotify now is nearly a dream come true for me, but now that I’ve seen what the game is like I’m driven. I have an album releasing, FREAKS coming out later this year (no definitive date yet), with my two singles that are already out. I’ll attach the link to my Spotify and Apple Music pages. Hopefully I inspire people to use their talents to help their community like I am.


Apple Music:

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I am Zaib Abbasi, CEO of MuzEnt while am a poet, and a proud PAKISTANI.