Boya BY-VM01 Mic Review

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

Are you looking for a good mic for DSLR to make videos? but you’re confused that which mic should you buy? Don’t be worried because today I am going to review Boya BY-VM01 which I recently bought from

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Actually I was looking for a mic for dslr and saw some mics in local market but having very high pricing then my friend Sikandar Malik referred me a chinese website to find out the best microphone for DSLR camera. So, I bought Boya BY-VM01 and here I’m sharing my review.


Type Condenser             Microphone (Directional)
Frequency Response      38-20,000Hz
Sensitivty                     -40dB+/n3dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz
Signal-t0-noise ratio       75db
Output Impedance         1k Ohm or less
Power                            1.5V AAA battery
Plug                              mini-pin plug (3.5mm)
Dimensions                    109*75*45mm
Net weight                    52mg

Appearance & Size

Now if talk about the appearance and size of boya by-vm01 then it’s not too small nor too big but it would be a good combination if you’re going to use it on DSLRs. You can see this mic below;


Voice Quality

Let’s move toward the main thing or you can say main quality of the product. You might feel some rush while recording videos with built in mic of camera? Boya BY-VM01 will reduce the noise effects moreover it will also reduce the un-wannted sounds when we zoom in or zoom out the the lens.
Moreover I also noticed that the sound quality with this mic is more louder and clear than the builtin mics.


Now you will be thinking that it would be too costly but there is nothing like this. You will get very low price on BangGood than the prices of other online or offline stores. So, If you want to buy this mic then click here.