Bohemia Dancing on Honey Singh’s Song (What Happened to Him)

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2016)

Bohemia and Yo! Yo! Honey Singh might have some clashes or might be not but their fans use to abuse each other without any reason. And once Bohemia forbade his fans to hate Honey Singh, but do you today what we have found? Yes! we’ve found a private video of Bohemia Dancing on Honey Singh’s Song Ajj Blue Hai Pani Pani along with Neha Kakkar.

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Bohemia Dancing on Sunny Sunny Song

First when I found Bohemia’s Dancing video I thought to my self that it might be a fake video created by someone for getting views but I was Wrong. Because the video was original and there were no edit in dancing video of Bohemia over Honey Singh song. You can also watch Bohemia singing ajj blue hai pani pani and dancing with Neha Kakkar.

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Now, here I am going to share the rare and leaked private video of bohemia dancing over honey singh song and I am pretty sure that it will also make you amaze that why is he doing that?

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Watch Bohemia Dancing on Honey Singh’s Song Video

I don’t know Bohemia got made or what is the reason behind his dancing over Honey’s track but at the same time this video raised some questions like in future Bohemia and Honey Singh will make collaboration? However, at this time we are unable to say anything because in music industry any thing can be happened. So, leave every thing else and enjoy Bohemia dacing video on Yo! Yo! Honey Singh most famous track Ajj Blue Hai Pani Pani ( Sunny Sunny) and don’t forget to give a share to this post 😉