Blue Band Margarine launched its new TVC with the tagline ‘Achai Barhanay Do’

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2017)

The purpose driven TVC and campaign revolve around the idea that with Blue Band taking care of children’s health, parents can now focus on their character development, and intends to spread awareness on the very important topic of inclusion of physically and mentally challenged kids in sports, games and other activities.

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Blue Band Margarine launched its new TVC with the tagline ‘Achai Barhanay Do’
The TVC gives the message of inclusion of differently-abled in the society by showing a group of young boys playing throw-ball using one arm only. One of the boy’s mother watching the game through her kitchen window finds it strange. Meanwhile another boy passes by and the group of boys ask him to join the game. This boy is revealed to be physically disabled with just one arm. As he joins, all the boys hide one of their arms inside their tees and the game starts again.

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Blue Band is Pakistan’s leading spread brand enjoyed all over Pakistan for over 25 years. It is a daily source of essential fats and vitamins that help children to grow, develop and thrive. With their latest ad, BBM encourages parents to ensure social inclusion by removing barriers to participation for kids who feel unable to play or join sports due to physical or mental health issues or with the perception of not being good enough.