BJP Decleared Shahrukh Khan As A Pakistani Agent

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2015)

BJP Decleared Shahrukh Khan As A Pakistani AgentMumbai: the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan got a threat from the ruling party of india in whihc BJP declared Shahurkh Khan as a Pakistani agent and they want him to leave india.

Extremism is spreading in indian culture day by day and if someone raise his voice against this cause then he will also be extremist. In previous days when Shahrukh raised her voice against the extremism in india then the ruling party of India which is BJP (Bharti Janta Party), declared him also a extremist and also they said that Shahrukh khan is the agent of ISI and he should leave india.

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A senior leader of bjp told that; Shahrukh lives in india but his heart beats every time with the Pakistan. While his movies earn a big money even so he think india is nothing for him.

It should be clear previously a Muslim was killed by Hindus extremists by eating beef and beside this Shive Sena is also doing is its role in the extremist activities.

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Shahrukh Is Decleared As A Pakistani Agent Video

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