Bin Roye Wil Do More Business than Wrong Number

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2015)

Bin Roye Wil Do More Business than Wrong Number

Pakistani Film industry is going to restoration and its proud news for all Pakistanis that their two big movies will be released on this Eid ul Fitar. The First one is Bin Roye which is being a part of Hum Tv while the second one is Wong Number which is releasing under the banner of Hum Films. Today in this article you will know that Bin Roye will do more business than wrong number but before that let me post the information of both films.

Bin Roye:

It is based on the famous novel “Bin Roye” written by the Farhat Ishtiaq which is a story of childhood love. While directed by Momina Duraid and Shahzad Kashmiri. The casts of the movie are; “Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Armeena Rana Khan, Javed Sheikh, Zeba Bukhtiar, Azra Mansoor, and Junaid Khan


Story of Bin Roye Upcoming Pakistani Movie:

Bin Roye is a story about love which produces jealousy in nature two girls who are actually sisters and fell in love with same person.

Saba (Mahira Khan) is the beautiful girl. She thinks that love is gravitational force which pulls the man with it self for all life.

She was rooted with the eastern norms and knew them very well. She thinks that she is standing on the cross road where a single wrong decision may harm her or all people around her. She has to choose what’s wrong for her and what’s right. However she fell in love with her first cousin and this love is from their childhood.

Irtaza (Hamayun Saeed) is a well mannered and attractive person and he is the person whom saba loves. When he decides to go abroad for further studies then saba asked him not to go but he leaves but ensure her that soon he will be back.

Saman (Armeen Rana Khan) is a modern girl who was adopted by her uncle and she was unaware of this fact. Irtaza spends sometimes with her in London and fell in love with her.

While in Pakistan Saba is praying for Irtaza’s health and wealth and she is hopeful that one day he would come back.

Story takes a twist when Saman comes to know that her real parents are in Pakistan, so it brings her to Pakistan and makes friendship with Saba knowing the fact that she is her elder sister. This friendship of both grows day by day until Irtaza confess his love for Saman.

Irtaza proposed Saman and their parent were agreed for their marriage while Saba reacts as dishurted beloved and begins to degrade her. She thinks that Saman reunion her happiness and this thing make two sisters against eachother.

At the end Irtaza married Saman.

Watch Official Trailer of Bin Roye

Wrong Number:

Wrong number is another upcoming Pakistani movie which will also be released on the same date as of Bin Roye. This film is made under the banner of ARY FILMS and is directed by Yasir Nawaz. The Producers are Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, and Hassan Zia (YNH FILMS). The Cast includes Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abro, Javed Sheikh, Shafqat Cheema, Danish Nawaz, Janita Asma & Nadeem Jafri.

Watch Official Trailer of Wrong Number


Story of Pakistani Upcoming Movie Wrong Number:

Yet the story of wrong number is not revealed but after watching the trailer it seems to be a Fun and Love based movie. The movie also shows the major aspects of Karachi. In short this movie will provide the funny entertainment with taste of love.

Competition between Bin Roy and Wrong Number:

As we know that these both films are going to be released on Eid-ul-Fitar. So, both movies will give hard time to eachother. But the director of wrong number Yasir too wished the team of Bin Roye well.

I pray that both films do well. We can’t afford to compete at this point when the film industry is in its infancy. So we have to support each other. Once we are settled, there can be healthy competition,

And according to my point of view there should not be any competition between both movies because both are Pakistani movies and both movies will play a vital role for Pakistani Film Industry to come back. But I am sure that Bin Roye will do more business than wrong number.


There are many reasons for that which I am going to mention.

1: People Are More Curious about Bin Roye:

It’s the reality I am not mentioning it from my self. People are more curious about “Bin Roye” than the “Wrong Number”. We have uploaded two songs of each movie on our SounCloud channel but the majority of people are giving love to the songs of bin roye and very few people are giving attention to the songs of Wrong number. You can see in the below screen shot.

You may have seen that I have set the bin roye’s dp on our soundcloud but it doesn’t meant that we are supporting bin roye and not supporting and not supporting the wrong number.  It’s not about us because “MuzEnt is a newly launched site and it can’t help anyone of them to attract more people towards them” but its all about what people likes and what they want to listen and watch.

Bin Roye on SoundCloud
Bin Roye on SoundCloud
Wrong Number on SoundCloud
Wrong Number on SoundCloud


2: Social Media Promotion:

Social media plays very important role for conveying a message to more people in very less time. If talk about promotion of both movies on social media then without any doubt Bin Roye is doing their best in a better way. Wrong Number is also doing good job but they are not doing in a better way. You can see that Bin Roye Facebook Page has 227,945 Likes while just 8,313 persons liked the Wrong Number on Facebook. (At the time of writing).

3: Story of Both Movies:

Sometimes story of a movie is very important than the casts of the movie. Because people spend their money for watching the movies based on the best story. If story would be best then they will inspire other people too that they should watch that movie once which they have seen.

Bin Roye has reveled their story on their blog which is also mentioned above in this post. I have read it two times and it made me curious about the movie. Besides this their story is written by most famous digest writer Farhat Ishtiaq and there should not be any doubt about the story. On other hand still Wrong Number has not yet revealed and by watching the trailer we comes to know that Wrong Number is little bit funny movie with the taste of love.


4: Little Bit Vulgarity in Wrong Number:

As Being Pakistani We watched the Imran Hashmi and Sunny Leone’s movies but we never want the same Boldness in our own movies because  Pakistani Culture is completely  different from Indians. And as Pakistani we don’t Allow that Boldness in our own Idustry. We don’t want to change our culture because this boldness can possible put wrong impact on our youth.

A Vulgar Picture Deleted From Facebook

Wrong Number contains some funny things actually which are vulgar. You can see example in Selfeyan song in which Soha Ali wears short dress. Another example is in the below picture.

5: Bad Review on Wrong Number:

Bad review is very bad for anything. Well what we can do when anyone give bad review on anything. Many people gave bad review on the content of the movie Wrong Number. “Some of them are saying its bollywood inspired movie; some are saying its Ghatiya Movie blah blah”. See below picture what people are saying about the movie.

A Bad Review on Facebook

Final Words:

So, it was a report about in which you got to knew that Bin Roye will get massive success on this eid ul fitar. While Wrong Number is also Pakistani movie so should also support that movie and must have to go for watching both movies.

We Also Wish Best of Luck To Wrong Number

Most of the people will think that it was just a report in favor of one movie but it’s not in favor of any movie. I just mentioned the facts about movies which I have seen on different places. If you find this report helpful then kindly share it and also like our facebook page to stay updated with latest news.


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