Bilal Saeed Has Beaten in Public

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)

Today we are going to share a hot news with our readers that the most famous Pakstani singer bilal saeed has beaten in public by some unkown persons.

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It is stated that bilal saeed was coming back from the lahore court when this incident happened. When bilal saeed was coming out from the court some unkown person came and started to slap him in the public. But the other friends of Bilal Saeed was on the spot at that so in return they also fought with the person who attacked on bilal.

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Bilal Saeed Has Beaten in Public

It should be cleared that a women filed case against bilal saeed that he steal her 8 crore PKR that’s why he went to lahore court but Bilal Saeed got slapped in public by unknown person when he was coming back from the court.

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