Beastbox Journey With Beatbox Pakistan

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

Assalam-O-Alikum! I Mohammad Azhar Mehmood, Officially known by the stage name of “Beastbox” Started beatboxing back in 2015. Before I was a beatboxer, I used to be a poet inspired by the works of old school artists like Nas, Tupac, Rakim, Biggie,The Game, DMX etc and it was all transferred to me by my elder brothers “Muhammad Athar Mehmood aka GRP” and “Muhammad Mutahir Mehmood aka Sheeda” so its like I already had enough of hip hop in me thanks to these two guys. The poet guy is still inside me, in simple words its having a short nap!

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Beastbox Journey With Beatbox Pakistan

Ok so my Beatbox story goes something like, I was introduced to some Paki beatboxers who have been beatboxing here in Pakistan for like ages BUT STILL in Pakistan beatbox was something known only in the beatboxers circle. It still is too much limited to the beatboxers circle but as I stepped into the beatbox family i realized these facts and the reason behind this was that each beatboxer who gains a little name would make fan pages of his own name and stuff like that, in other words nothing goes to the beatbox community. Noticing this all at the age of 15(Immature age) I, with the name of Allah made “Beatbox Pakistan” , a platform for ALL Pakistani beatboxers to represent their talent out of the beatbox circle, not only within the boundaries but beyond the Paki boundaries too, Alhamdulillah!

At the beginning I was kinda IGNORED and ABUSED by many of my own Paki beatboxers like they never wanted to accept me but you know if you WILL for it then its upto Allah to make ways for you and he made ways for me too. In a few months this guy “Meer Behroz” who is also a sick Paki beatboxer(Ma Sha Allah!) approached me through “Beatbox Pakistan” and that guy gave me some TONNES of knowledge like how to communicate with guys and approach them but this is not even the half of what I learnt from him and in simple words I’d always give a huge shoutout to this guy! Even though he taught me a lot but the times were still hard, I’d approach immature beatboxers who were really sick(sick because they were better than me and I didnt know the depth of beatboxing) and l used to insist them to do a shoutout video for Beatbox Pakistan like “Sir! Beatbox Pakistan is out of stock and I really need to post a video this week, can you please make a shoutout video for Beatbox Pakistan?” , funny. This 15 years old stuck to his words for which he was determined and had NO GREED OF HIS FAME, all he was doing was for the PAKISTANI beatbox community.

I dont know what happened. I guess The Almighty all of a sudden showered his blessings all over(Alhamdulillah!/Ma Sha Allah!) that I really dont know how but in a single year at the age of 15-16 I took Pakistani beatbox community not only out of the Pakistani beatboxers circle but beyond the boundaries(Ma Sha Allah!) to:
India,China, Turkey , Japan, Korea, Switzerland, America, France, Belgium, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Chile, Romania, Azerbaijan,Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, US and to Alhamdulillah/Ma Sha Allah many more places!

I and BBP could’ve never been at the point of success we are at right now only if Allah wasn’t with me because nothing except the Almighty source of power can break or weaken my HOPE, WILL and DETERMINATION for this beatbox community(Alhamdulillah!/ Ma Sha Allah!).
For where ever I am at right now I’d give a huge massive shoutout to Allah first of all and then to my family which includes these guys TOO:
-) Meer Behroz, Taha Khan, Rafeh Hameed, Noraize Aamir Shaikh, Ahmad Mohsin (Pakistan)
-)Xin Wang (China Beatbox-CNBEATBOX)
-)Ishan Nangia, Akash James, Bishaljit Sarkar(India)
-)Tioneb Human Beat Pop(France)

Simplifying all of this above in short words ill simply say that (Alhamdulillah!/ Ma Sha Allah!) I at the AGE OF 15-16 did in a SINGLE YEAR which 18-24 YEARS OLD beatboxers couldn’t/didn’t do in the PAST DECADES for the Pakistani Beatbox Family!

Alhamdulillah!/Ma Sha Allah! after all this struggle and bumpy ride now “Beatbox Pakistan” is the REPRESENTATIVE of the Pakistani Beatbox FAMILY ARPUND THE GLOBE and In Sha Allah we’ll soon be recognized by aliens too if something like that exists out there.