BBC Declared Pakistani Beauty Creams Harmful

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

There are many people in Pakistan who use some beauty creams like Golden Pearl, Stillmens, Faiza Beauty Cream and some other beauty creams which are relevant to them, But there is a sad news for all those people who were using these beauty and whitening creams for fair face. BBC Declared Pakistani Beauty Creams Harmful, Yes it is officially declared by BBC London that majority of Pakistani fairness creams are harmful for your face.

BBC Declared Pakistani Beauty Creams Harmful

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If you are still using these beauty creams on daily basis then I will recommend you to avoid using them because these harmful beauty creams can damage your skin and may cause cancer.

BBC Declared Pakistani Beauty Creams Harmful
In a recent survey of BBC, they declared many well known beauty creams harmful which can cause many damages to your face and skin as well. Those cream included Murcary as producing material which can give whitening to your face in very less time but after sometimes it will leave very dangerous effects on your face. Sometimes it may cause skin cancer as well.
For knowing the full report you need to watch the below video and after watching the video you might need to think to leave these fake beauty creams. And also share it with your friends who are using these beauty creams.

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