Banwari Succeeded To Get Number 10 Spot on Ary Musik

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2015)

Banwari Succeeded To Get Number 10 Spot on Ary MusikPreviously we have shared the all songs of Coke Studio Season 8 and also shared many other news updates like Momil Sheikh is going to Bollywood etc but today we are going to share a very interesting and happy news with our readers. And news is that debut song Banwari by Ujala Suhale  got the number ten spot on Ary Musik. For all those who didn’t listen or watched the video of song I am going to share the little information of the song.

Banwari is the latest single by Ujala Suhale who is new talented singer, while Bilal MNI has been featured in the video of the song. Banwari Song is produced by the collaboration of Jazba Entertainment Ltd and MNI Pro.

So, it was a short article in which I shared a news that Banwari Suceeded to Get Number 10 Spot on Ary Musik and I hope you will be amazed by news. If you think this news make you happy then give it a share 😉

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