‘Ayaan’ Song Should be Listened by Every Pakistani [Review]

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2015)

Ayaan by TaZzZEvery single day  a lot of latest songs are released worldwide, some of them are hip hop songs, folk songs, pop songs and so on. But today we will talk about the Pakistani Songs.  As all of us know that Pakistani singers are more famous in whole world for their Pakistani songs. No matter which type of songs they sing, they made their name in every genre of music. Atif Aslam, Arif Lohar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Bilal Saeed, Falak Shabir are some of those singers who was sung many hit bollywood songs, while Bohemia created his own name in the field of Punjabi Rap while if talk about British or English rap then we have also a Pakistani artist named TaZzZ who is doing British Rap. Today we will review his latest single Ayaan but before that You should read the exclusive interview of TaZzZ.

Review of ‘Ayaan’ Latest Single of TaZzZ:

As in the title of post I mentioned that this song should be listened by every Pakistani, because it have a great message for us and it also describe the major aspects of our culture. So here am gonna write my review on the song;


In the start of video you will see the Pakistani Flag which will make you proud but before this you will also see the name of a city of Punjab “Mian Channu” as this city is my home town, so when the first time ever I watched the video I felt something which I never felt before.

In the staring of video you will also see the all those things which are the part of our culture, like He wanted to show the poverty, child labor. Besides all these He filmed the video for Ayaan in a village which puts light on the life of village that how villagers are living their lives.

Why Ayaan Should Be Heard by Every Pakistani?:

Yeah this is the most important thing in my review that why should it be heard? whats special in the song? the answer of these two questions is “A Message“. Tanveer Aka TaZzZ gave us a strong message with his song. And that message is mentioned below;

‘Ayaan’ is my heartbeat, the idea for this song started in 2013, it’s very personal & close to my heart, I wanted to show a different side of me to people which they have never seen before and I’m overwhelmed by all the success it has received all over the world. ‘Ayaan’ makes me feel so proud and I’m so happy that I got the chance to represent Pakistan.

Now watch the video of Ayaan then you will see all that things which I have mentioned above

TaZzZ – Ayaan (ft. Priti Menon) – LYRICS:

Joh bhi tere khwaab saare, jee le tu oh meri jaan,
Zindagi mein kuch ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha.

Listen, You could be whatever you want,
As long as you don’t hurt nobody in return,
Always stay grounded & know where you came from,
Then everything’s bless you’ve got nothing to be afraid of,
This world takes more than it gives ya,
Pointing your failures out like a splinter,
Be strong when it all starts to hit ya,
Live like a king & let everybody rinse ya,
Don’t be chasing the money or the cars,
Whatever’s in your kismat’s been written in the stars,
Rich or broke it don’t matter what you are.
As long as your imaan is alive in your heart,
Be grateful for every little that you get,
Listen to your heart more times than your head,
Don’t be giving up before you even tried,
Celebrate life & live before you die.

Joh bhi tere khwaab saare, jee le tu oh meri jaan,
Zindagi mein kuch ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha.

When i was 17 i thought i had made it,
Coz one of my songs hit the radio playlist,
Back then i started acting all famous,
My future looked bright but my ego came in,
I became TaZzZ, Tanveer just faded,
I became ever so complacent,
5 years i was living in regret,
Then i got a second chance & i thanked Allah for it,
Transformed now the visions all clear,
The man in the mirror has got nothing to fear,
I can taste success in the air,
When you feel that your hope is lost it reappears,
Don’t make the same mistakes i did,
I weathered the storm i survived it,
It all changed when i heard the Azaan,
That’s the reason why i named you “Ayaan”.

Joh bhi tere khwaab saare, jee le tu oh meri jaan,
Zindagi mein kuch ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha, ban ke dikha.

Special Thanks:

In the end I want to say Thanks to TaZzZ who helped me to write review of the song and personally I want to say thanks to “Priti Menon” who also contributed her vocals in the song. If you got the song great then kindly share it with you friends and family. Thanks

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