Asian Rock Singer AMEL D releases ‘I’m Your Rain’

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2020)

Today we are sharing a brand new single of our very talented Asian rock singer Amel D called ‘I’m Your Rain’ with our readers. So, here we go

I’m Your Rain Song Credits

Song-writer: AMEL D
Released Year: 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock


I can’t tell to everyone
How much story was coming true
I wish you were here, inside
But never ever real.

If i’m really mad, i was’nt stretched my hand
Cause you distinct of my heart.

I got something in my head
Just for second minutes
I falling love with someone
Wake me up after rain

I saw a million people in my head
Smile while take a picture
And i’m falling love with you like a stupe and I’m your rain

My mom said this weird so wild
And i still look into your face
I tried and tried to forget
But you’re so fuckin’ brave

You can also buy this song from itunes or spotify and also visit Amel D’s official website by clicking here.