Asian Rock Singer Amel D ‘I’m Your Rain’ Song Review

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2020)

Asian Rock Singer Amel D has released a new single ‘ I’m Your Rain’ and it is one of the best love songs you have ever heard. The song has many facets to it but it’s interpretation can be done in various ways by the listeners.

The lyrics of the song are so deep and catchy and hits deep into the heart. The singer has evoked feelings of love in the song, giving listeners a great romantic song to relate to. If you are in love with someone who lives faraway or who you are sure you can never reach, than I AM Your Rain is the perfect song for you. It depicts feelings of a girl who secretly admires her lover from afar.

The song is mainly meant for someone who has fallen in love afresh and has her lover all over her head and heart. She is expressing her feelings for her lover through the song.

The music is upbeat and goes perfectly with essence of the song.

AMEL D’s mission is to successfully revive the alternative rock genre in world of music and is hopeful of playlist entries with this latest track. 

Here listen to the song: