Aryan Arvee & Deep Harks Make a Banger

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

Today here we are sharing the exclusive and rare interview of Aryan Arvee for our loyal readers. So, here we go;

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Aryan Arvee & Deep Harks Make a Banger

Q: Tell us something about yourself?
Ans: Hey! I’m Aryan Arvee, I’m 17 and currently studying! Well, I’m a 12thie

Q: Your evolving soundscape and what has helped you grow as an artistes
Ans: I started Rapping in 9th standard, I remember Bohemia was the first rapper I heard, I used to listen to Honey Paaji and Bohemia Paaji in the early days, And used to sing their raps. Bohemia pajji motivated me a lot! His tracks were so good, I used to watch his interviews and all that, That motivated I can do something with my pen and the truth! I wrote my first track in 10th and got it recorded and since then I’m working on and on.

Q: Top 5 Indian / Overseas Rapper
Ans: My top 5 Rappers are BOHEMIA PAAJI, RAFTAAR Paaji, EMINEM, I generally listen to Independent artists and I think they deserve much much much more than some of the mainstream overhyped guys!

Q: Overrated Rapper
Ans: I won’t take names, There’s no place for Hatred in ART.

Q: How was it collaborating with Deep Harks
Ans: It was an honour to collaborate with DEEP BHAAJI, I used to listen to his tracks a lot, Never thought we’d collab this soon. It was a good experience and yes I learnt a lot of new things from him!

Q: What is the future of Desi Hip Hop?
Ans: Seeing all my fellow independent Artists I feel really really motivated, The Hip-Hop scene is Booming day by day and I’m sure, Hip Hop would also become much more famous like all other INDIAN MUSIC. NOt much of the Indian Population know about Rapping, But yes, seeing the condition of the current scene I feel DESI HIP HOP would reach Heights soon

Q: Message to fellow artists/listeners
Ans: I bought a cheap microphone online 7-7 months back, and started recording mixing mastering all on my own! Now today I do have a Private Proper home studio. The thing is you don’t have to stop! If you fight for your dreams your dreams will fight for you. Keep working, Keep grinding