Arshad Khan Didn’t Left Showbiz Industry

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2017)

From yesterday a news is in the air that Chaiwala has given up to showbiz and now he is going back to his dhabba, but Arshad Khan Didn’t Left Showbiz Industry. Sad part of the story is that some of the mainstream news papers are also publishing and sharing this fake news about Chaiwala Arshad Khan which is completely false.

Arshad Khan Didn't Left Showbiz Industry

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Recently Khan was featuerd in the Beparwai music video by Muskan Jay, some people criticez him over some romantic pictures with Mrs. Pakistan 2016 Muskan Jay. But song was pretty good.

Now move back toward the our main topic that chaiwala has left shobwiz industry or not? The answer of the question is big NO and the reason is that he has signed some mega projects including Arshad Khan’s Debut Lollywood Film “Kabir” and soon he will picturize his shoots.

Besides this logic the latest stauts of Arshad Khan is engough to say that Arshad Khan didn’t left showbiz. You can read that status below in which he is saying that leaving showbiz is completely false.


So, in this article we have shared the news about chaiwala that Arshad Khan didn’t left showbiz industry but some people are making agenda against him to destroy his popularity. Please share this news with others so more and more people can get to know the truth.