Another Indo-Pak Collaboration Soon to be Dropped

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2018)

Art got no borders, and this case is equally true for the artists as well. Whether it’s Lollywood or Bollywood, artists of both countries are doing great job in their fields. You’ve heard different Pakistani singer’s tracks in Bollywood but today we will be talking about an independent Indo-Pak collaboration .

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Another Indo-Pak Collaboration Soon to be Dropped

Yes! You heard true Somee Chohan and Pav Dharia are coming up with a brand new music video Murshida. While talking to HIP, Somee said; “Murshida is the finest track I ever have done, and obviously Pav has taken this song to next level. It will be of it’s own kind of song”

So, are You exciting about this collaboration? Let us know in comment section and wait till it get released.