An interview with NYC-based indie-electronic singer KAIYA

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2018)

Today we are sharing the exclusive interview of Kaiya with our loyal readers. So, here we go;


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Q: Tell us about your new remix! Is it your new collaboration with ÅMBE?

Ans: Yes, i actually did it in collaboration with ÅMBE and ADMRL. I’m super excited releasing it next week. It’s really awesome. I love it!

Q: Is a new video following this remix as well?

Ans: It’s a possibility)) if people are asking me to do it… I’m bad at saying no to this kind of request.

Q: What is your favorite electronic musician who inspires you?

Ans: Definitely FKA twigs, to me she is a genius. The way she writes, and creates videos, her character… she is very special.

Q: How do you mix up such different music genres?

Ans: With passion and joy lol
I love a sophisticated approach.

Q: What music instruments, programs do you use to create and write your ideas down?

Ans: Usually Ableton, my midi controller or a piano …but sometimes it’s a guitar or the sound of the ocean ..

Q: What are your personal and musical plans for the summer?

Ans: I create new plans every day ..and I can only tell you it’s crazy enough)))
I’m probably going to be in NYC for the most part… but I can update you as it comes ) I’m excited though.. so many plans, ideas.. it’s always easy for me to be more productive in summer time ..but I’m ready for big things :sparkles:

About Kaiya

KAIYA is a NewYork-based electronic-indie-pop artist. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in the European fashion world. Since 2016 KAIYA has been sharing her unique music universe with Brooklyn-based producer, songwriter and indie-electronic artist ÅMBE. In 2017 KAIYA released her debut single “GAMES” on ADIM Records, an independent record label based in NYC. The single was followed by beautiful lounge-remix and eye-catching lyric video. Her new single “GIMME” – a soulful and crispy blend of modern electronic minimalism with a tasteful vintage sound, was released on ADIM Records in January 2018. Both songs have been getting pretty amazing feedback from indie pop audiences all around the globe, as well as music blogs and magazines from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Russia. Her songs have been aired on various radio stations in Canada, Ireland, Australia, UK, as well as in the US. Now KAIYA is again working with ÅMBE on her next single. Her fans will receive this treat somewhere in early fall.

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