‘Allah Veh’ is the Soulful Creation by Manj Musik, Raftaar & Jashan Singh on Coke Studio

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2020)

'Allah Veh' is the Soulful Creation by Manj, Musik Raftaar ft Jashan Singh on Coke StudioToday indian Coke Studio @MTV has released a new song Allah Veh on their fourth season. I heared this song few minutes ago before time of writing this post and I found Allah Veh is the best and  Soulful song produced by the Coke Studio @MTV in Season 4. The lyrics of the song Allah Veh is written by Big Dhillon while music of the song is composed by Manj Musik & Sunny Brown. If I talk about the vocals then Jashan Singh, Manj Musik and Raftaar set their voices for the strong poetry of the song Allah Veh.

Story of the Allah Veh Song:

The song Allah Veh starts with the line “Kuj Nai Mangda Dar Tere Ton, Sab Di Jholiyan Khushiyan Pa Dey‘ which means that poet is saying that I don’t anything for myself but I am asking you O Allah please give happiness to the whole mankind. After that Raftaar’s rap took start in the starting of his rap Raftaar is talking about the people of the world and is trying to convey a message that every people of the world are same, no one is better from the other one. Then Raftaar talks about the people of Pakistan and India which is clear by his words “Yahan Mera Bhai Wahan Bhi Mera Bhai, Wahan Bhi Meri Maa Jaisi Hogi Koi Mayi“. As we know that Pakistani and Indian people hate eachother without any reason or fight. So, Raftaar wanted to give a message to those people that we should not hate eachother and should live our lives happily and independently while respecting other nations.

More Details of Allah Veh Song:

Music Composed By: – Manj Musik / Sunny Brown
Rap – Raftaar
Vocals – Jashan Singh / Manj Musik
Lyrics – Big Dhillon
Drums: Lindsey D’mello
Electric Guitar: Nyzel D’lima
Bass: Rushad Mistry
Tabla: Hiren Chate
Acoustic Guitar: Roland Fernandes
Backing Vocals: Nikita Fernandes, Crystal Sequeira

Watch Official Video of Allah Veh Song Produced by Coke Stuido

Lyrics of Allah Veh Song:

Kujh ni mangda dar ton tere
Sabh di jholi khushiyan Allah paade
Na koi rove na koi tadpe
Sabh de ghar tu aake fera paade
Allah veh maula veh
Allah veh maula veh

Verse 1 (Raftaar):

Jab liya tha janam
Mujhse pehle poocha na kisi ne kaunsa lega dharam
Kiya mene wo jo seekha mene
Jeena tareeka mera likhta raha mera karam
Mere liye sab ek hai Lalach hata doge to bande sare naek hai
Mujhe mulk ka naam bataya kitaab ne
Aur bata dabaw ne
Yahan mera bhai wahan bhi mera bhai
Wahan bhi meri maa jaisi hogi koi mai
Patli si q katoo ki tarao ne kara hai alag
Ab wo bhi nahi jinhone lakeere thi banai
Karu minnat maula tere darr pe
Tu Unko sambhal jo khade sarhad pe
Jo lade Mitti ke liye mitti me mile
Aur milne chale kudrat se

Allah veh maula veh
Allah veh maula veh

Kar dene pyaar bathere
Fir kyon dukhaan ne ghere
Laa ke dil bhul jande ne
Rahaan vich rul janda ne
Kaisi eh beparwahi
Kyo nahi ve tor nibahi
Sache Dilon pyaar je kar laye
Maula Nu Yaar je mann laye
Kujh ni labhna yaar bhula ke ishq di kashti paar lagade Rab ne aakhir manjana ae ik vaari taan yaar manave
Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh

Verse 2 (Raftaar):

Kya rakha hai zubaan me
Kuch rakha nahi naam me

Kuch saath me Ram ke
Kuch saath Quooran ke
Ek jaan ek jaan ki jaan leta jaan ke
Bina jaan pehchan ke

Allah veh maula veh
Allah veh maula veh
Allah veh maula veh ….

Final Words:

It was my article about the song Allah Veh produced on Coke Studio @MTV Season4 by Manj Musik, Raftaar, and Jashan Singh and I hope you will like this song and my article as well. So, share this article and spread the message to your firneds, family and all other peoples.

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