Alif’s 12th Episode – An Emotional Ride

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2019)

Geo TV’s biggest drama of the season is none other than Alif, produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and directed by Haseeb Hasan, who has a glorious history of directing Mann Mayal and Parwaz-e-Junoon. Umera Ahmed’s Urdu fiction is the first ever book to be turned into an audio book and with it’s rapid success, it’s a fully feature drama now airing on Geo TV every Saturday at 8pm.

The concepts of Ishq e Mijazi (love for another human) and Ishq e Haqiqi (love for the Divine) are the vital components of the show. The main characters include Kalbe Momin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) as a film director, who is blatantly wealthy and a womanizer. Then we have Momina (Sajjal Aly) as the breadwinner of the family, who acts in drama serials to help her brother with his medications.

Throughout the last episode we had gone through the past journeys but this episode made us realize there’s more to be seen. Last night’s episode was, like every other episode, beautiful and had us on the edge of our seats. We’re taken back to Kalb e Momin and Abdul Alla’s past to understand them differently and have a new perspective about their past shaping their present and future.

The best thing about this episode was that they showed the flaws in humans impeccably. It covered a person’s journey filled with his never ending ego and especially regrets. These are things common in Abdul Alla, Taha, Husn e Jahan and Kalb e Momin. We all felt relieved when Abdul Alla came to Husn e Jahan 8 years later and their conversation was proof that they had realized their mistakes and what they’ve lost as a consequence. It was great seeing Abdul Alla as a flawed character who admitted making mistakes but he also changed himself. His leniency with Kalb e Momin comes from his past so that he could guide him to the right path as a believer and a Muslim.  In their pasts, we see Abdul Alla as a rigid, controlling man who was also quite judgmental and Husn e Jahan thought she owned Taha and did the right thing by making his father suffer. Unfortunately, when they did come to realize their mistakes, it was too late. The most heartfelt moment was Kalb e Momin’s memory of his father. After the past explanations, Qalb e Momin saw his mother differently. Now that he knows all the answers, he sees his parents as flawed humans who made mistakes. In this episode Taha’s character was portrayed magnificently by Ahsan Khan.

Alif's 12th Episode - An Emotional Ride

We also saw Momina reaching the skies and success was lying around her feet. It was beautiful seeing her go from sad to excited and then being grateful to Allah. She will always mourn her brother and miss him whenever something good will happen to her because he isn’t here to experience it with her. She puts herself together and takes in whatever comes at her to cherish it just because Jahangir would be proud of her. The scene with Jhumar and Sultan was another beautiful moment that showed that there were loving people who felt for their family.

This whole episode laid the foundation of how everyone’s going to evolve in the next episodes. We absolutely love Kubra Khan for doing justice to her character, Husn e Jahan. Manzar Shehbazi is the pivot point of Alif and Abdul Alla’s character. He fell apart when his son left him and that was when he was being tested but his ego made him fail. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly have so much precision in their acting that it’s wholesome to take everything in.