Alif Episode 11 Review: Beguiling!

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2019)

Geo TV’s biggest drama of the season is none other than Alif, produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and directed by Haseeb Hasan, who has a glorious history of directing Mann Mayal and Parwaz-e-Junoon. Umera Ahmed’s Urdu fiction is the first ever book to be turned into an audio book and with it’s rapid success, it’s a fully feature drama now airing on Geo TV every Saturday at 8pm.

The concepts of Ishq e Mijazi (love for another human) and Ishq e Haqiqi (love for the Divine) are the vital components of the show. The main characters include Kalbe Momin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) as a film director, who is blatantly wealthy and a womanizer. Then we have Momina (Sajjal Aly) as the breadwinner of the family, who acts in drama serials to help her brother with his medications.

This week’s episode was mesmerizing and enamoring. Alif is not the kind of drama that is only confined to entertainment, it takes over the soul of the audience and beautifully grabs their attention during every single episode. Therefore, it needs to be approached with utmost determination and undivided attention because this is the only way the viewers can enjoy the experience.

Momina’s parents found out about the whole Faisal situation about which she should’ve told them herself. Her decision was huge but not telling them was very unlikely of her. Her performance at the theatre was her pouring out all the emotions after her brother’s death. She’s gone through much heartbreak and sorrow but the way she’s chosen to channel it is the thing the never wanted to do. The depth of her acting skills reached its peak after Jahangir’s death and the pains she has suffered.

As for Qalb e Momin, he went back to his grandfather who confessed his mistakes that led to Momin lacking a happy family and his own internal happiness. Abdul Alla admitted that his stubbornness had led to the loss of his own beloved son. Then, we’re taken back to the flashbacks of Husn e Jahan and Taha’s unconditional love and unbreakable connection.

Moreover, we saw how much Taha meant to Abdul Alla and they both had the perfect father-son relationship. Abdul Alla was proud of Taha’s ambitiousness but it all soon came falling down when he saw Taha admiring Husn e Jahan. Taha had inherited his calligraphy skills from his father but he wanted fame and glory, which made him quite different from Abdul Alla. At first, Alla tried to stop Taha but he soon let it go assuming Taha would forget about Husn e Jahan. When he found out that Taha made a painting of Husn e Jahan and did something aside from calligraphy, he didn’t handle it very well.

The reason Abdul Alla is so easy on Qalb e Momin is that he learned from Husn e Jahan to not be judgmental and give every person a second chance, otherwise he’d be committing the mistakes. Abdul Alla did want the best for his son and he didn’t want to think of losing him, which led to him seeing Husn e Jahan because of her profession and beauty. Surprisingly, she was the one who changed his perspective towards such people, proving that everyone can change. This is why Abdul Alla calls her “Naik Rooh” when talking to Qalb e Momin. Alla believes that Momin can change too when it is destined and he’s helping him our gradually.

Another beguiling scene in this episode was at the beginning when Sultan reads Husn e Jahan’s letter to him. The beauty of this scene was in Saleem Mairaj’s expressions and the perfect lighting and background music. The way he smiles at the letter, reading about the intensity of Husn e Jahan’s faith in Taha, he knew he deserved a chance. Although, he surely thinks that if Husn e Jahan had given him a chance, he would have never let her down like Taha did. Sultan’s feelings for her have a different kind of earnestness. It’s simply beautiful.

Each episode of Alif has a different kind of lesson that leaves the audience wondering for days. Every actor has portrayed his role the way it’s supposed to be. It is a masterpiece that needs to be cherished by all the viewers. The small but impactful interactions between the characters, the dialogues, the music and the acting skills, it’s all too perfect. The success of this show keeps on rising gradually with each extraordinary episode.