Alif Episode 8 Review: Magical & Thought Provoking

The concepts of Ishq e Mijazi (love for another human) and Ishq e Haqiqi (love for the Divine) are the vital components of the show.

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2019)

Geo TV’s biggest drama of the season is none other than Alif, produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and directed by Haseeb Hasan, who has a glorious history of directing hit drama serial Mann Mayal and critically acclaimed film Parwaz Hai Junoon. Umera Ahmed’s Urdu fiction is the first ever book to be turned into an audio book and with it’s rapid success, it’s a fully feature drama now airing on Geo TV every Saturday at 8pm.

The concepts of Ishq e Mijazi (love for another human) and Ishq e Haqiqi (love for the Divine) are the vital components of the show. The main characters include Kalbe Momin ( Hamza Ali Abbasi) essaying a famed film director, who is blatantly wealthy and a womanizer. Then we have Momina (Sajjal Aly) as the breadwinner of her family, who acts in drama serials to help her extremely sick brother with his medications.

In the past few episodes, we had witnessed Kalbe Momin and Momina’s interaction and Jahangir’s death traumatizing Momina’s family to the core. Moreover, the struggles of payments and loans didn’t end even in last week’s episode. However, this episode brought some wholesome rewards at Momina’s door. Faisal and her engagement made her feel like she was getting back on track. She’d dealt with enough in her professional life, but still managed to pay back to those she owed. Her family’s expenses depend on her career but Faisal’s proposal made it clear that him and his mother are doing Momina’s family a favour by taking care of their expenses and won’t allow Momina to continue with her acting career.

At the end of the episode, we see Faisal and Momina being the ideal couple but it escalates quickly because of Faisal’s objection on her continuation in the film industry. We catch a glimpse of Momina rethinking her decision of her engagement to Faisal. She has her priorities straight and she doesn’t want Faisal to support her financially. Faisal had left her when she needed him the most and after Jahangir’s death, she sees every other thing as temporary, including the love of her life, Faisal. We saw Momina come to terms with maturity and how she can stand for herself.

On the other end, we witnessed a spicy yet eye opening argument between Momin and his grandfather. It showed that Abdul Alla and Kalbe Momin, both came face to face with their own perspectives and ideologies. Abdul Alla is trying his best to remind Momin who he really was. He assessed this at the beginning that Momin has lost his touch with spirituality and that he still has it in him somewhere.

Momin, gradually losing his faith, has made his grandfather worried about his future. Although Abdul Alla smoothly tries to explain to Momin what he’s missing in this life, leaving his only grandchild spellbound. Abdul Alla knows how to bring back Momin on the right path but Momin’s mind hasn’t reached that level of wisdom to understand everything his grandfather told him. Momin is confused because of Abdul Alla’s emotional strength and self-sufficiency because his definition of success is not what Abdul Alla has. However, each time Momin gave a reply, his grandfather had an even better one. This made their conversation the best part of the show.

‘Qalb e Momin kuch nahi kar sakta jab tak ke Allah na chahay. Qalb e Momin ke haath, insaan ke haath hain, shukr karega to payega, gharoor karega to gawayega’ – Abdul Alla.

Abdul Alla is successful in planting a seed of curiosity in Momin’s mind that leads him to challenging his grandfather in making a hit film on spirituality. His grandfather is well aware of how to bring a wandering soul to the right path. Despite their differences, the bond that they have is extremely beautiful and all of us would like to watch it bloom.

To sum it all up, this episode was absolutely alluring and the dialogues hit every one of us like waves crashing on a shore. The acting, direction and the small details make us feel something unusual, something inexpressive yet pleasing. This makes us anticipate the upcoming events in the show. Alif is not just a show for entertainment, it’s truly work of art that needs to be cherished.