Ali Sherazi Another Visionary man like ‘Abdul-satar-Edhi’

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2017)

Its been so long that Pakistan has been fighting with poverty, illiteracy and Unemployment. To eradicate these things from our society “Islam” the religion of peace has taught us the concept of “Zakaat” which eliminates un-equal distribution of wealth among people moreover our society can progress with this concept. There are alot of Organizations situated in Pakistan who are working towards the same concept thus Ali sherazi’s is one of them. The man “Ali Sherazi” has a vision like an “Edhi” and his inspiration is non other than our “Holy prophet (P.B.U.H). Mr Sherazi is a teacher by profession and a social worker by choice. He tried to join “Edhi Foundation” but later on changed his mind and decided to be like Edhi sahab and open his own Social welfare Foundation which is now called “Sherazi Foundation”.

Ali Sherazi Another Visionary man like 'Abdul-satar-Edhi'

He formed this organization with great struggle .He help poor people to get their basic necessities like food, clothes and education. As a teacher himself he truly cares for the children, whom are deprived of education and wish to get it. He says” That he don’t see kids begging in the streets merely as kids but stars and Shaheen of “Allama Iqbal” and not only this he tell those children’s that they stars and they need to brighten the world. He motivates begging children’s to join school and have education so that our country can progress. His beautiful vision and a pure heart earned him so much respect in a society. He is indeed following the steps of our beloved Prophet.

Mr Sherazi main sources of donations are from his friends and family. He said that ” Its very rare that someone has ever asked about his account number to transfer money in it as a donation or charity”.Despite of all the hardships and less resources, his vision remained subtle. Mr sherazi is a great Inspiration for the youth who wants to be a part of something greater not only in this world but the world here after. people like him are the people due to which our country is still running beside of the fact that inflation is more than double digit and poor can not afford to have even basic neccessities. It is an honor for Mr sherazi to serve people and to spend time with them. Now a days people claim to be a follower of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) but a true follower is like Mr Sherazi because helping the one who is in need is the kindest virtue and highly appreciated in Islam. We all can be a part of Mr sherazi’s Foundation by helping him to continue his great work, all we need to do is give charity to his foundation it doesn’t matter even if its little. We all can make the world a better place by doing good deeds that are not restricted to only Praying five times a day or fasting a whole month but also giving “Zakaat” which can make someone’s life. Mr Sherazi is not saving and making only one life, he is saving the whole nation through his good deeds.


His Projects:

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Sherazi Welfare Foundation: One of the key and foremost reasons for the establishment of Sherazi Welfare Foundation was to establish a network of schools that will provide a quality education that was accessible to the economically deprived communities of Pakistan. Sherazi Welfare Foundation strongly believes that education is the most crucial foundation stone of any society, without which the development and progress of any nation is not achievable.


He has also written many blogs on Child Labour & Beggars in Pakistan.


CLEAN PAKISTAN: He has also started the mission of Clean Pakistan. He visits to dirty place and start cleaning himself and then motivate the people to clean with him. This is how chain works and his mission becomes successful.


He also believes ” CLEANLINESS IS HALF OF ITS FAITH” How can a society be improved without cleanliness? that is why we first need to clean our surroundings and then our homes and ourselves.


Being a Mphil Student he knows the desires and happiness of small students who study under his command. He shares joys with them. If he comes to know that one of his students is having a birthday, he would himself to bakery and buy the cake for her/him.



If anyone of you wants to donate to his foundation can directly contact him via website.