Ali Kaz Coming Up With ‘Jai Hoe’, Another Pardhan Diss Track

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2017)

Sometimes ago Pardhan released a controversial track named as Unhe Chod Do, in which he was trying to show respect toward Indian army but unfortunately Pardhan made that track against Pakistan. Due to this controversial song whole Desi HipHop underground scene was disturbed.

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Ali Kaz Coming Up With 'Jay Hoe', Another Pardhan Diss Track

Now finally Ali Kaz decided to release his brand new song Jai Hoe which is another pardhan diss track and I am pretty sure Pardhan is going to dissed badly in this track. Before Kaz AK-47 and Aqeel Sarfaraaz also released their tracks in which they dissed pardhan.

Now it’s Ali Kaz turn to release another diss track against Pardhan. So, mark your calanders because Jai Hoe by Ali Kaz is releasing worldwide on 18/02/2017.