‘Alhamra Unplugged Season 1’ Audition on 16th September

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2015)

'Alhamra Unplugged Season 1' Audition on 6th SeptemberIf you think you are a talented Singer or Musician but still you didn’t get any opportunity to show your talent to whole world then don’t be sad because today we are going to share a very interesting and happy news with you. Alhamra Arts Council announced a biggest announcement in history of Pakistani music that they are going to start ‘Alhamra Unplugged Season‘ in which they will  provide a proper platform to the talented singers and musicians to come on stage for showing their singing talent. You can read full announcement below;

Auditions in F.C college Lahore for Singers and Musicians will take place on 16th September. 12pm – 4pm. If you are a talented Male/Female Vocalist or a Musician in F.C college, then don,t miss out this grand opportunity to be a part of Alhamra Unplugged Season 1.

Alhamra Unplugged Season Audtion Details 1:

So, as you have read in above statement about the Alhamra Unplugged Season 1 and now we are going to share the information of the audition. 16th September is the date for audition for both Musician and Singers from 12pm to 4pm and Venue of the audition will be the F.C College Lahore.

Final Words:

As they are providing a platform to both musicians and singers then you shouldn’t miss this golden chance and if you will not be selected for Alhamra Unplugged Season 1 then you don’t need to be sad because next year you will again get this opportunity. So, go ahead and achieve something big for Pakistan and your family.

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