AJM & Company & Bizz Music launches the gorgeous Emira Mir with “Dil Ki.”

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2020)

AJM & Company is an institution that is not only a music academy but also a platform for fresh and talented individuals to showcase their work to the world while finding their way as professional singers, musicians, and instrumentalists. AJM & Company, founded by Azhar Jamil Malik, promotes music by finding the diamonds in the rough and shaping them in a way that would serve the music industry and the country at large.

AJM & Company & Bizz Music launches the gorgeous Emira Mir with “Dil Ki.”

CEO and founder, Azhar Jamil Malik, hails from a literary and music-loving family. Both his parents excelled as professional writers. His father, Jamil Malik, was a renowned playwright and actor. His mother, Hameeda Jabeen, penned numerous novels and short stories. Taking the legacy of art and literature forward, Azhar Jamil Malik conceived the idea of a company that could promote music and everything related to it, especially fresh talented singers and musicians.

Azhar has teamed up with Khawar Jawad who really needs no introduction. Renowned for composing music for Khuda Kay Liye, the ‘Bandeya Ho’ singer enjoys a wide fan base across the country. The award-winning musician and music producer is aligned with the vision of the company to bring to the fore scattered and unpolished talent.

As its most recent offering, AJM and Company in collabration with Bizz Music has launched the extremely talented Emira Mir with her debut song “Dil Ki.” Emira Mir was discovered after an arduous process of in person and online auditions. All that hard work bore fruit in the shape of two brilliant singing talents. The first, Fazeel Khan, has already given the music industry a big hit that has already been endorsed by one of the biggest brands of Pakistan. The second, Emira Mir, is being presented to the world now. Emira is not only a phenomenal singer, but a brilliant actor as well; something that is readily discernible from her first music video. Besides producing a beautiful video for the song, AJM has also given the song a soul touching melody. AJM wishes Emira Mir a well deserved successful career ahead.

AJM is determined to continue its glorious journey to find talent as Pakistan is replete with such extraordinary skillful people who remain in search of an appropriate platform. This is AJM’s second music video and a shout out to anyone and everyone out there who wants an honest break in the music industry of Pakistan.