Ahsan Khan To Romance Ayesha Omar in “Rehbara”

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2016)

Ayesha Omar and Ahsan Khan both took start in drama industry from a long time ago but both of them have never paired in any drama, but now soon you will see them in an upcoming Pakistani movie “Rehbara“.

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Ahsan Khan To Romance Ayesha Oman in "Rehbara"
The project of the movie Rehbara is being handled by Amin Iqbal and according to some sources we got to know that it’s going to be a romantic-comedy movie. Ahsan Khan has already worked with Amin Iqbal in two dramas and that’s why he signed his movie for his directorial debute in Pakistani film industry.

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“I’ve worked with Amin Iqbal on two TV dramas and always felt he had the potential of doing a film. So of course, I was going to sign on to the project. I believe things are going to be great”, Ahsan Khan told to a famous news paper.

Ayesha Omar and Ahsan Khan both are eager to start working with each other in upcoming pakistani movie Rehabra.

Moreover, we want to let you know that Miss Pakistan USA 2015 will also be seen along with Ayesa and Ahsan.

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Last time we have seen Ahsan Khan in udaari while Ayesha Omar is still making us laugh with her comedy drama, Bubulay.

Let’s see how much romance we will see in the movie and how much comedy both of them will make. However we at MuzEnt wish them a very hearty best of luck to Ahsan & Ayesha for their colleboration in their upcoming movie.