Ace Mirrorman

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

Detroit, home of Motown Records, is a city that has a rich musical history with the success of legendary icons such as: Anita Baker, Diana Ross, Fred Hammond, Xzibit, and Eminem. It is also home to one of the most creative, emerging hip-hop artists and perhaps the next superstar, Ace Mirrorman.

The East Detroit-native developed his lyrical skills during high school. Initially, freestyle rapping was just a means to past time for the young lyricist but he became serious about pursuing music after he recorded his first song, “Bad Boy” during his junior year. He’s built a stellar reputation throughout the years for embedding wisdom and thought-provoking punch lines laced over top-quality production. “My outlook on life sets me apart from other Emcees. My values are my own so it’s hard to stomp me… I’m a true individual, in a game full of hate… I stand for my own truth,” he said.

The 11 year veteran built the foundation of his buzz by strategically and consistently using YouTube and local open mic showcases to increase visibility. Some of his biggest records includes: Faded Too Long, Arrogant, and Lyrical Madness.

His debut EP was released May 2013 EP entitled, Arrogant (available on iTunes, Amazon, and the Android Market) and has helped to expand his music outside of the Michigan state borders.

Ace Mirrorman has collaborated with many talented artists/producers such as: Young Rail (Hard Time Hustle Ent), Blu Jay, Calvin Collins, Young Zo, Live Wire, Cartier Cash D’Artizt, T-Mic, Live Wire, and more.

His most pivotal musical influences includes: Michael Jackson, Eminem, Dr Dre and Mystikal.

The seasoned artist has learned that the music industry can be emotionally demanding at times, however his rock-solid support system helps him to remain focused. He credits his parents, children, and his children’s mom for providing that much needed strength.

Currently, Ace Mirrorman is proactively expanding his buzz while recording a new album that will be released soon. He is working towards having shows booked on a global level and to sign a record deal with ShadyAftermath Records.

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