Abdullah Malik Released ‘Gujra Way’ and We’re Loving It

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

Abullah Malik Aka Rap Demon has recently released his upcoming song Gujra Way under the banner of DesiHipHop.Com . The song is produced by Farasat Anees, You might have seen (Suna To Sab Ne Hi Hua Hai) this song before many time but this time these guys have done a magic and you will love it. It will make you to play this song on repeat.

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Abdullah Malik Released 'Gujra Way' and We're Loving It

Did I mention anything about the video of Gujra Way song by Rap Demon? Nay? Oh Sorry! Rahul Beniwal is the man behind the video of this song, No doubt Gujra Way is his best work I have seen. This is first ever 3d video project in underground scene.

Abdullah Malik gave us ‘Haraam Bars’ ‘Warm Up Session’ ‘Oh Lay’, one thing more which I want to mention here is that Raftaar has shared his work. Malik and Farasat are doing great work and we got to know that a mixtape is cooking by both of them.

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At the end I will say that ‘I’ve nothing more to write about this song but yeah I pray to God to give more unity to our indo-pak artists”

Watch Gujra Way by Abdullah Malik Song Video