A Conversation with Munni Begum

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2015)

A Memorable Conversation with Munni BegumIn Music Field Pakistan has always proved his work. Especially in Ghazal Singing there are countless people who were not just famous in their country. Rather, they were appreciated in Neighbor country India and in all over the world. The reason behind them was their unique style and selection of best Kalaam. As Ghazal King Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Fareeda Khanum & Ghulam Ali and including many other singers made this field priceless, and we can’t find example like this. Everyone knows these great singers but besides them there a name “Munni Begum” comes in world of singing. She made her on place by her unique style of ghazal singing.

She is the only Pakistani artist who plays harmonium while singing. She in her long artistic innings sung many ghazals due to which her arts became immortal. Well so Munni Begum is living in America with her family from many years but when she gets the invitation then she left all activities and comes back to homeland.

Recently, Lahore Arts Council arranged the Ghazal Show “Ik Baar Muskra Do” in Al-Hamra hall number two. Many people from different aspect of life were there in the program. When Munni Begum came in the hall after fifteen years, she was warmed welcome by the people. She sung her famous ghazals in two hour performance, including “Awargi, Ik Baar Muskra Do, Jhoom Brabar Jhoom, Mareez E Muhabbat, Kab Mera Nasheman”.  Listeners also made requests to sing their favorites songs and also appreciated on her outstanding performance.

Munni Begum Perform in Ik Baar Muskra Do

Munni Begum said; “these are very happy moments for an artist when he goes for performing and people welcome him by standing. According to me except this there is no other award that it. Then there is no playful than lahories. They are really appreciative people and they know who to appreciate art and artists. The best example of this is today’s program. As they were continually appreciating and listening to me, it’s rare to see.” She also added that; “I think that if there was no lack of time then this program could go for late night. Because there were many people who just came to listen my Ghazals. Some wanted to listen twenty years old ghazals and some of them wanted older than that. I tried my best to complete their requests. If talk about the time then I don’t when it started and when ended. But once again I got the opportunity to save memorable moments in my hearts; I can’t put it into words.

She said about fans “If there is no one who can understand the artist’s fun till that he can’t get the reward of his work”. While thanking the managing staff of Al-Hamra Hall, she said “If I dindt get the invitation from Lahore Arts Council then I could even meet with big numbers of fans”. I am very happy to perform in my own country. She told that she lives in America with their family and she also performs there in America. Still people listen to my ghazals and this chain continues late at night. During this except the Pakistani community rather Indian and people of other countries also present and when I am being introduced before them I feel proud of my country Pakistan.

In an answer of a question she said “I have my own style of singing, male singer usually played harmonium but female didn’t try this. I wanted to make my own identity I adopted harmonium and people liked my style. But I want to say that while my singing played a vital role but the choosing unique poetry was one of the best things ever happened to me. If choose the the pointless poetry and hoped for success then it couldn’t be happened. Because ghazal got a highest place in singing and it is due to the legend peots like Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Faiz, and Ahmed Faraz. There are many hidden messages in theiry Kalaam which they conveyed to the people”.

Recently era is going to “crisis of singing” and reason is young generation is going to side of Hip Hop. In Pakistan if still there some institutions set the different special program for it then still we can keep our kingdom in music. In our neighbor country India different private channels conduct programs for searching the talent in their country. So, if Pakistani youth avail this type of opportunity then they can birght the name of Pakistan in all over the world.

On other side executive director of Lahore Council said that we always try to conduct this type of events where art and culture can be promoted, that’s why we invited munni begum. In future we will try to counties this chain and will give tribute to the great artists.


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