9 Artificial Lakes of Pakistan You Must Visit!

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

Pakistani is the land of beauty and there is no doubt about anything like this, today we are going to share the list of 9 Artificial Lakes of Pakistan which are not just man made lakes but they are also beautiful. But before sharing the list I want to clear one thing we didn’t create this of Artificial Pakistani Lakes on the behalf of beauty, So don’t compare them with eacother.

9 Artificial Lakes of Pakistan You Must Visit

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9 Artificial Lakes of Pakistan List

There might be more than 9 man made lakes in Pakistan exist but we are only sharing the most beautiful lakes where you will love to go for once in a life. So, here is the list of man made Pakistani lakes

  1. Banjosa Lake
  2. Chotiari Lake
  3. Hub Lake
  4. Khanpur Lake
  5. Mangla Lake
  6. Rawal Lake
  7. Simli Lake
  8. Tanda Lake
  9. Tarbela Lake

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1 Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Artificial Lake in Kashmir

This beautiful Pakistani Artificial Lake is the apple of the of tourist’s eyes, it is located Rawalakot which is a city of Azad Kashmir.

2 Chotiari Lake

Artificial Chotiari Lake in Sidh Pakistan

Chotiari is another man made lake located in Sanghar District of Sindh, actually it is an artificial water reservior which not reserve water only but it is beautiful as well.

3 Hub Lake

Hub Artificial Lake

It is an other artificial reservoir which is situated 56 kilometer away from the karachi which is approximately on the border of Sindh and Balochistan.

 4 Khanpur Lake

Khanpur Lake in Haripur KPK

This beautiful lake and water reservoir is located beside the Khanpur city which is approximately 15 km away from the Haripur city. It is also famous for the paragliding activities. One thing more I want to let you know that people who come from Rawalpindi and Islamabad to take bath in it’s water, drink the same water in their houses.

5 Mangla Lake

Mangla Lake in Mirpur

Mangla Lake is one of the beautiful water reservoir and artificial lake in Mir Pur, Azad Khasmir where you can also enjoy the paragliding actives along with boat riding on the lake water.

6 Rawal Lake

Artificial Rawal Lake in Islamabad

Rawal Lake is located in Lake View Park of Islamabad where people use to come for enjoyment and for having ride on boats in the water of artifical rawal lake. It’s an artificial reservoir which is used to save water for Islamabad.

7 Simli Lake

Simli Lake in Islamabad

This Artificial Pakistani Lake is also located in Islamabad (Just besides to Islamabad), which formed after the melting of snow. So, government of Pakistani made it a man made water reservoir, it is the largest drinking water source for people of Islamabad.

8 Tanda Lake

Tanda Lake in Kohat

Tanda is another artificial lake which is formed due to the water of Tanda dam and it is situated in Kohat.

9 Tarbela Lake

Tarbela Lake in Haripur

Tarbela is one of the largest lake in Pakistan which is used to saving the water of Tarbela dam. More than 84 villages had departed during the creation of Tarbela Jheel, It’s located nearly Khallabat Town Ship in Haripur. There is no doubt that it’s the largest and beautiful lake of Pakistan but every year it kills one or two person who use to go there for swiming.

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So, in this article I have shared the list of 9 Artificial Lakes of Pakistan which are not only used to save water or for getting energy purpose, but they are also beautiful and I think you must visit them once if you really want to see the beauty of Pakistan.

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