5 Unknown Interesting Facts about Shyraa Roy

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2020)

Shyraa Roy, best known as the fresh queen of the Music industry, has managed to gain a huge fan following through some of her hits – Raat, Dildaariya, Kamli, Hello Shabnam and more. However, of late he has been seen more as an actor. Currently she is starring in Netflix original.


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Here, we bring you some of the unknown facts on Shyraa. Read on…

  1. Shyraa was born in a Punjabi family in Sialkot, Pakistan. She was brought up in Lahore, where she completed her schooling from Lum girls high school.
  2. She was a poet, before getting into acting and Singing. She used to write diaries at a very young level to express her skills.
  3. She is an amazing dancer, she have learned classicial dancing into indian kathak and bharanatiyam from a her favorite Bollywoor actress Madhuri Dixit by watching her on TV, She has won end number of trophies at national college fests at her teenage into dancing.
  4. When Shyraa was in college pursuing her studies, she met a Pakistani playback singer who trained her into classical singing first.
  5. Shyraa was apparently a Radio jockey in Dubai for quit sometime before becoming an actress.

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