5 reasons Meray Pass Tum Ho has stunned the viewers

Starring power house performers Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui in titular roles, MPTH is based on a rare and bold story of infidelity and broken marriages.

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2019)

Numerous Pakistani dramas have centered on cheating, extra marital affairs and second marriages for quite some time yet the ongoing Meray Pass Tum Hu is making waves all over despite being one of the same kind. Why? The answer is way too obvious as this time much to the audience’s surprise writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has just flipped the black sheep in the drama from a man to a woman making it hard for the viewers to accept this change of dynamics yet keeping them glued to their screens for the entire 15 episodes of the play that have aired so far.

Starring power house performers Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui in titular roles, MPTH is based on a rare and bold story of infidelity and broken marriages.

The story centers on a selfish and materialistic woman Mehwish who cheats and separates from her overtly loyal and loving husband Danish whilst also leaving her child behind to get hold of the luxuries that Shehwar, a filthy rich wealthy business man had lured her into, playing on Mehwish’s desire to be rich.

Directed brilliantly by Nadeem Bayg, MPTH is a drama that most Pakistanis can’t relate to as women in our society are deemed very honorable and an embodiment of traits like loyalty, care and affection whilst men are painted otherwise yet a major segment of drama viewers are enjoying the play for a change and here we explore the reasons.

  1. Humayun Saeed as Danish portrays a husband that makes women ask-Is he for real?

Danish portrays a husband every Pakistani women desires to have but such men are labelled as ‘weak’ by our society. He is not the usual Ghairatmand man we have been used to watching in local films and dramas. Drama viewers have been so used to watching typical husbands abusing the wives, expressing anger over the wives in routine or at least slamming the door in a fight that they are pleasantly surprised to witness on screen a very calm and cool reaction from a desi husband over his wife’s betrayal.

Although this is what reflects his maturity but unfortunately, maturity in our society is associated only with women who are expected to accept their husband’s betrayal for scores of valid and invalid reasons but men are expected to react violently if his wife/ spouse dares to even think about betrayal. Hence, Danish has brought to light a character which unfortunately is a rare in real life stories.

2.The drama establishes that bad and good traits are not gender-based

MPTH shows how a man and a woman are equally human and both can err. Women can be selfish and unfaithful too as they too are humans. Our society burdens woman with traits like sacrifice, loyalty and patience hence putting them on high pedestals while the same traits are not burdened upon a men, hence they can sneak out conveniently.

Breaking stereotypes and roles associated with gender, Danish shows how a man too can be honest, loyal and sacrificial. He loves first, and is willing to sacrifice control over being with the woman he loves. And when that love is not reciprocated, he willingly gives her up for the sake of her happiness. While Mehwish’s character shows with her cheating, manipulation and betrayal towards Danish that how it’s not always the man who is the culprit, sometimes woman can also be one.

3. MPTH dares to show a Live-in relationship

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For the first time, a live in relationship is so openly shown in a local drama where a couple is going out on world tours, hanging around and living under the same roof without the bond of Nikkah and that too when there is no apparent obstacle in their marriage. Mehwish and Shehwar are living together without Nikkah in Shehwar’s luxurious house and while Mehwish is a bit concerned over their marriage, Shehwar is keeping it chill with dialogues like ‘Shadi may divorce huti hy, mohabbat may nai’.

Whether right or wrong, the makers have taken a bold step by showing such a relationship with brilliance on screen.

4.A not-so-uniquely unique storyline

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Cheating in relationships is a narrative that has been shown repeatedly shown in various Pakistani dramas and it’s been a tired and overdone storyline as of now but in usual circumstances, the man cheats and the wife suffers because ‘mard tu aisay hi hutay hy’ and ‘aurat ko hi bardasht karna parta hy’ but here the equation has been reversed which unsurprisingly makes this ordinary story unique for the viewers. Mehwish cheats and Danish suffers and this time it is a man who the audience has to sympathize with instead of a woman. Well, the audience is finding this change of dynamics different and interesting.

5. The perfect cast

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The casting directors should take a bow for managing to assemble a stellar cast. Humayun Saeed steals the show in every episode with her brilliant portrayal of such a rare character. The way he fits into the skin of his character, making us women give him a round of applause in every episode. While Humayun has a very heroic image in the show biz world seeing him in a simple avatar is another surprise for the viewers.

Ayeza Khan outdoes herself as the avaricious and heartless woman, making us hate her from the core of our hearts.

As for Adnan Siddiqui no one could have portrayed Shehwar, a filthy rich businessman who predates on beautiful and money hungry women, better than the charming actor.  Among the supporting actors, Mohammad Ahmed and Hira Mani deliver amazing performances in their respective roles.