5 Reasons for Buying Jazz Digit 4G Phones

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2020)

The evolution of the technology is one the most helpful thing occurred in human life. The invention of the mobile phone created a storm, There used to be feature phone (Keypad phone) but then eventually smart phones came.

But still the prices of smart phones are not reachable for a common man, so, keeping this in mind Jazz and Digit did a collaboration and launched their two new variants of their Smart Feature Phones series. Jazz Digit 4g Defender and Elite are available to buy from shop.

Today in this article I am going to tell you the 5 reasons that why You should buy these phones. So, without wasting the time let’s get started.

5 Reason Why You Should Buy Digit 4G Phones

1Smart Features

You may have seen people just calling on keypad phones, But now people can watch YouTube, search anything on Google, and can enjoy a lot of other smart features including WhatsApp on feature phones. Thanks to KaiOs and Digit team.

2WhatsApp Calling

Nowadays people communicate with each other on WhatsApp, In addition to sending pictures and messages, you can now make WhatsApp calls on Digit 4G phones. And that’s quite impressive.

34G Hotspot

As you know, these mobile phones are 4G supported, so You can use them as pocket WIFI by using the hotspot functionality. Besides this You’ve a lot of other options like making calls, using Whatsapp and YouTube etc as well.

4Free Data

If You are going to buy any of these phone then You will get free data bundle for six months which absolutely free. You will get 5 gb of social data pack for three months not just this but You will also get 1 Gb data for next six months as well.

5Affordable Price

The last but not least, this is the most important reasons for which I can recommend you to buy these phones. Their prices are affordable for every person. The price of Digit 4G Defender is Rs 4099 while Jazz Digit 4G Elite is available to buy at price of Rs 4599.

So, in this article I just shared 5 Reasons for Buying Jazz Digit 4G Phones, and I hope You would like these phones. Stay tuned with us for more latest news and updates.