5 Bollywood Celebrities Having Their Resembles

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2017)

Here are 5 bollywood celebrities having their resembles which will make you amazed.

1. Priyanka Chopra & Navpreet Banga

just whilst we idea one PeeCee changed into sufficient for us to address, along comes Navpreet Banga. Spot the distinction among those , just strive it. If God turned into type sufficient to offer me at the least certainly one of PeeCee’s functions, i might be a supermodel by using now! You lucky, fortunate woman, Navpreet!

Priyanka Chopra & Navpreet Banga
Priyanka Chopra & Navpreet Banga


2. Sonakshi Sinha & Priya Mukherjee

This dabangg lady has an similarly dabangg lookalike, and we’re having a hard time telling the real one apart from the lookalike. Same seems, same clothes, identical swag. So if ever Sonakshi is playing a double role, the directors realize whom to forged.

Sonakshi Sinha & Priya Mukherjee
Photo Credit: indianexpress.com


3. Muskan Jay & Sandra Bullock

Muskan Jay, the famous singer, model and actress who won best singer award in 2013, she also worked in some bollywood movies which are going to be released. One thing which I want to mention is that Muskan is also famous for his sexiness and boldness acting and she lookalikes Sandra Bullock.

Muskan Jay & Sandra Bullock


4. Deepika Padukone & Amala Paul

Amala Paul is a South Indian actress who shares a large amount of facial features with Deepika Padukone. Strive to tell them aside, just attempt.

deepika padukone look alike


5. Anushka Sharma & Nazia Hassan

This Punjabi kudi is probably one of the prettiest within the industry, who knew there has been clone of her in Pakistan? Nazia Hassan is a Pakistani singer who has given us stunning hits like Aap Jaisa Koi and Disco Deewane. And the both of them are so very gifted, that we’re confused in the event that they’re simply related in some manner.

Anushka Sharma & Nazia Hassan